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Which Kind Of Wii Is Available At taoxieyoua Now?

The wii we supply is Japan version,So the menu limits in Japanese.

For different versions, Their user interface layouts are the same. We can provide English and Japanese manuals in hardcopy format for each. Then the end-user would find it easy to use by comparing it with the Japanese user interface that comes with the wii console we are selling.

All the games come with the wii is in English.  

The wii we supply has been decoded by Wiikey, It support the NTSC format, Thus the wii can play some of the PAL games But it can play all the NTSC games. If you are in Europe, please try to buy the NTSC format games on the or other websites

The software of the wii is 3.1 version. if you want to update the wii system, please connect wii with the internet, and following the procedure to update the system online.

Because this is Japan version, So it support the NTSC model only, If you are in Europe, Your TV must compatible with the NTSC model. The European and Australian customers will get a free power convertor, As the power of the wii is 110V.


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