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D-Think INC.

D-Think inc. Is a high-tech enterprise. Was founded in 1998, is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. The company soon developed into a smart card technology developed from the earliest research and design of special RFID tags, RFID terminal applications by professional enterprise. D-Think inc.  is a professional provider of RFID products and application technology, and has a good business co-partner in the telecommunications, electric power, electronic payments, transportation, manufacturing field. Dongwon company to meet the needs of various industries, including ticket anti-counterfeiting, authentication, library management, food traced, environmental protection, manufacturing, and information security. Today, electronic payment transaction security, industry application software development, the the wireless things together sensor networks and the related solutions has become another important cause. 

D-Think inc.  is committed to the development of its own technology and products, but also a good strategic and cooperative relations with Taiwan and many other have the ability to provide users with a full range of systems integration solutions. While actively developing RFID product line, in-depth research of wireless the associated sensing of networking technology, and actively develop new products for the next generation of radio frequency identification. The rapid growth in the emerging field of Internet of Things, and gradually build up their own core strengths and competitiveness in the market, and strive to become the user's most trusted industry provider of technology, products and solutions. 

Future society is undoubtedly the electronic society, network society, wireless society, closely related to our daily lives, such as: bank cards, mobile phones, an integrated a variety of technologies, including the means of payment, mobile video, mobile TV, multimedia handheld terminal also may be to protect the security of online transactions USB Key. In any case, when you can enjoy the convenience, please believe D-Think inc.  future electronic society ideas never stopped.

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